With Creativity Comes Freedom

So, as you know by now, we gathered five of South Africa’s creatives and gave them a blank SAM to do, well anything with it really. The one and only T’s & C’s that we handed each was just this, “Bring it back on the 26th September.” Cool.

The goal of the entire initiative was a simple one of that. Giving a plane, unpainted SAM to an artist, just as any canvas, comes with it a sense of freedom. The unrestricted freedom to do what you want with this uncharted map. Where your brush turns, how long or how short, many or few, colourful or plane, it’s completely up to you. Because with that creativity comes freedom and with freedom comes happiness.

So, as the 26th of September rolled around, so did our SAM’s – blowing our minds one-by-one. A quick glamor shoot and on the racks they went, awaiting their new beloved owners.



As quickly as launch time arrived, so did the bids. Hosted on our Instagram page (@simplesambikeco), each of our five artists bikes were released one before the other. With a starting bid of R 2 500.00, the offers came rolling in as fast as the hundreds of feet that stepped through The Open Window Now Gallery’s door. But hey, with 24 hours to bid, we were in no rush at all. And so the party began.

Along with our 5 featured artists, 19 more joined the party too – each producing their own SAM inspired art piece. With the walls as full as the floors, our band My Neighbour's Wife (@myneighbourswife) churned out the greatest Busking our ears had heard all whilst the girls from Skaftin (@skaftin) leant their arms out of their stylish little red trailer to give our bellies just what their Wednesday night cravings needed. Quite simply, The Open Window Now Gallery was proving to be the place to be.



Sadly, the 26th of September may be gone. As are those five incredible SAM’s. So yeah the party may be over but the fun certainly hasn’t stopped. And to all those whom came out and joined in the fun, in person or via our Instagram auction, a big and very sincere thank you to each and every one of you.

We promise, this certainly won't be the last.