This is not the end

This is not the end

2014 is drawing to a close, and Simple Sam is feeling damn fine.

Up till now

Simple Sam was drawn from our dreams. A lot of what we dream about is a sense of freedom: feeling free, being free. We believe there is freedom in simplicity. Simple Sam set out to make that dream of freedom a reality: simple designs for smooth rides.

 It’s been incredibly exciting and deeply humbling to see so many of you becoming part of our dream. In our first year we sold over 150 Sams, in all of their different colours. We want to thank all of you who purchased a bike: we wouldn’t be writing this without you (just sitting around feeling sad, probably).

We also got coverage from a variety of blogs and magazines (such as the SABS Design Institute, House & Leisure to name two) and they all said really kind things about us: another big thank you to them. We’re not only writing to say thanks, though - all this gratitude is just the start. We want to tell you about the new things too.

From now on

We’ve launched three new models for 2015: Matte Black Sam, Mint Sam and Silver Sam. Their pictures are already up on the website, go check them out (there’s also a video coming to show them off!). These new bikes are available in a size 58 too – that means an extra large frame for all you extra tall people.

2015 will also be the year of our first Simple Sam design competition! We’re going to open a contest in which you can submit your own artwork/colour scheme for a Sam. Be sure to keep an eye out for the details: we will keep you informed.

In short

We’re thankful for all your support this year and keep your eyes peeled next year. Keep riding and keep it simple,

Simple SAM.